AACD Accreditation


Dr. Kathy Sanders is East Tennessee’s first and only dentist to have achieved accreditation through the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the world’s foremost authority on cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Sanders accomplished this feat in 2006.

Interestingly, patients are often unaware of the importance of AACD accreditation.  

Though any dentist may choose to be a member of the AACD, only a select few go on to become one of the distinguished group to achieve accreditation through the academy.

In fact, though there are more than 6,000 AACD members worldwide, fewer than 440 have achieved accreditation. Of this number, Dr. Sanders is one of only eight in the state of Tennessee to boast of the accomplishment.

Achieving accreditation takes a tremendous amount of dedication and commitment. The process is quite rigorous. Candidates must complete a demanding clinical testing process that includes a challenging written examination, the documentation of five specific clinical cosmetic dentistry cases for peer review, specific continuing education classes and, finally, an oral examination by a prestigious board of the world’s leading cosmetic dentists.

Given her desire for excellence, Dr. Sanders set a goal of achieving AACD accreditation the moment she joined the organization in 1999. Seven years later, she completed the rigorous process and became East Tennessee’s first and only AACD-accredited cosmetic dentist.

According to Dr. Sanders, the challenge of having her cosmetic dentistry knowledge and skills sharpened by the rigorous examination and review process of accreditation has vastly improved her ability to provide her patients with a level of dentistry that rivals the world’s leading cosmetic dentists.