Cosmetic Dentures


Traditional dentures often look like “false teeth” — resulting in a sunken facial appearance. They can also be terribly uncomfortable. And, in many instances those who wear traditional dentures find limitations in what foods they are able to enjoy.

Today, thanks to incredible dental advances, “cosmetic dentures” support facial features — giving you a beautiful, confident and natural-looking, new smile.

Several positive benefits of cosmetic dentures include:

  • Improved comfort and natural appearance
  • Freedom to bite and chew most food items with little restriction.
  • Support your facial and jaw muscles, avoiding the “sunken” look.
  • Promote muscle function, helping your jawbone stay healthy.

Dr. Kathy Sanders has studied under the tutelage of Dr. Jack Turbyfill, a world-renowned expert on cosmetic dentures. Today, she gives her patients the most natural-looking and most comfortable dentures available.

When pairing Dr. Turbyfill’s functional techniques with Dr. Sander’s aesthetic knowledge, our patients get the very best of both worlds!

Concerned about your smile? Make a consultation visit with Dr. Sanders to learn what she can do to give you a truly remarkable smile — via cosmetic dentures.

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Dr. Sanders is an Accredited Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), the world's premiere cosmetic dentistry authority. Fellowship is the highest level of achievement recognized by the AACD. Committed to excellence, she utilizes only the very best materials and the most-accomplished dental ceramists. With more than two decades of experience and hundreds of continuing education hours, Dr. Sanders gives her patients smiles that are not only beautiful but stand the test of time, providing excellent function and maximum comfort. Together, she and Dr. Lovett provide the very best in cosmetic and general dentistry care.

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