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I feel more confident, more outgoing … more myself!

Due to mistaken dental care as a child, my teeth had shifted. This caused a crossing of my front teeth, my bite to be out of alignment, and a grinding of my teeth that had weakened them to the point that they were loose. I thought I just had to live with it until I received a promotional letter from Dr. Sanders. It’s hard to believe the changes that cosmetic dentistry has made in my life. I used to feel so self-conscious that I would cover my mouth when I smiled. Now, with my new smile, I feel more confident, more outgoing … more myself!”

— Jill Maiden, Tennessee

I’ve been smiling so much, I’ve gotten a new wrinkle around my mouth!

“A great big thank-you for all you do! Each and every one goes out of her way to make my trips to the dentist as enjoyable as possible. All the extras — the massage chair, hand waxes, brownies, etc. — are something you really don’t get anywhere else and let me know that you really care about your patients and their experience at your office. I can’t put into words how great it feels to show off my pearly whites! I’ve been smiling so much, I’ve gotten a new wrinkle around my mouth! Honest! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

— Kellie Vernon, Virginia

It has changed my life and my confidence!

“In 1995, I started going to Dr. Kathy Sanders. I needed a lot of dental work. We started on my front upper teeth. Before she started, I wouldn’t smile. I was very ashamed of my teeth and my smile. Now it has changed my life and my confidence! In my line of work, I have to meet many new people, so a smile is important. I would recommend anyone to have cosmetic dentistry!”

After the placement of an implant supported overdenture on her lower arch, Delores said "I sometimes catch myself brushing my teeth including my lower appliance and forget I need to take it out to clean it because it feels so natural!"

— Delores Johnson

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Dr. Sanders is an Accredited Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), the world's premiere cosmetic dentistry authority. Fellowship is the highest level of achievement recognized by the AACD. Committed to excellence, she utilizes only the very best materials and the most-accomplished dental ceramists. With more than two decades of experience and hundreds of continuing education hours, Dr. Sanders gives her patients smiles that are not only beautiful but stand the test of time, providing excellent function and maximum comfort. Together, she and Dr. Lovett provide the very best in cosmetic and general dentistry care.

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